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Back Brace

Premium Support Back Brace for Scoliosis Therapy

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Premium Support Back Brace

Back pain getting in the way of life?

Do you experience sharp, shooting, or jolts of pain?

Does your pain get worse when you sit or stand for long periods or time?

Did you strain or pull a muscle in your lower back? Or are you looking to avoid injuries?

Are you expecting to be recovering from back surgery soon or looking to delay or prevent it? Does the pain radiate from your lower back to your buttock and the back of your thigh and/or calf?

Give your back the support it needs

Compression is vital for those trying to reduce their back pain, sciatica pain and discomfort. Although many individuals have symptoms occurring in the legs and buttock region, the underlying cause of the pain originates in your lumbar back region. This is why wearing a brace that applies pressure and compression in the key places is of most importance. The Feel Good Live Free Premium Support Back Brace is the designed with these facts in mind.

This brace is for you if...

 You have herniated disc

 You deal with Sciatica

✅ You have general lower back pain

 You need it for post-op support

 You have Scoliosis

 You have Osteoporosis

 You have any general back injury

But you are looking to prevent injury

Superior Quality Design


(Measure waist at the level of your navel)

  • S: Fits waist 60-75cm / 23.6"-29.5".
  • M: Fits waist 75-85cm / 29.5"-37.4".
  • L: Fits waist 95-115cm / 37.4"-45.3".
  • XL: Fits waist 115-140cm / 45.3"-55.1".
  • XXL: Fits waist 140-170cm / 55.1"-66.9"

(See photo in product photos for illustration)