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Plant Grow Cups in Sets

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Vertical Farming as a solution to Homegrown Organic Food

As Vertical farms can be scaled, they can be established in house to provide fresh and healthy food for your house, at minimal cost to consumers.
Growing produce locally reduces nutrient loss during transport and reduces contamination risk.
Vertical farming, if done correctly, can be a healthy and sustainable solution to those want grown own food in small places.
Vertical farming tackles inefficiency in production by growing healthy food near to where it’s sold. Reducing “Food Miles”, along with the greenhouse gas emissions related to long distance distribution.

Why should we use Vertical Farming ?

There are more than 656,000 or even more struggling with food insecurity every day. To put it in perspective,that's enough people to fill the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas more than 15 times.
Although related, poverty and food insecurity aren't the same. Poverty is only one of the many factors associated with food insecurity. About 31% of food insecure households are above 185% of the federal poverty level, which makes
them not eligible for federal nutrition assistance."
The lack of equality in the ability of individuals to have access to fresh produce has become an epidemic.

Nursery pots provide you with long-lasting moisture. Timing watering only nutrient solution, no need to add soil to the cultivation of organic green vegetables.

Made of new materials, durable, size is moderate, very suitable for a variety of soilless cultivation equipment.

Suit for using celery, leeks and other leafy, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other fruits or vegetables.

Sponge block cut openings for easy clip seedlings, which are used to fix vegetable seedlings, and protect the seedling root.


  • MaterialPlastic
  • Color: White
  • Package Include: Plan Grow Cups/Plant Grow Cups & Sponge/Plant Grow Cups & Sponge & Drill