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Household Automatic Dumpling Maker Mold

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Household Automatic Dumpling Maker Mold

Wrap two at a time for quick dumplings

Imitating hand-pressed edges, the dumpling skins fit more symmetrically on hand. The dumpling skins fit tightly, and they won't open when cooking!

  • No skills are required, just press down to improve efficiency. Parent-child interaction, add fun!Two dumpling slots, suitable for making dumplings with children! Utility model patent design.

  • Name: Automatic dumpling maker           Weight: 350g

  • Material: 304 stainless steel + ABS         Size: As shown below

  • Features: Double-ended design, durable, imitation hand-made lace

    1. Healthy ABC material: Safe contact with food.
    2. Press the handle steel sheet to reinforce strong and sturdy: Comfortable and effortless pressing.
    3. Storage lock: The dumpling plate is stored in reverse without contact with dust
    4. Anti-slip rubber pad: Protection against wear.