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Cervical Memory Sleep Orthopedic Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Cervical Memory Sleep Orthopedic Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Cradle your head and support your neck: This cervical pillow keeps your spine aligned so you don't wake up with neck or back pain. Perfect for back and side/back hybrid sleepers to minimize wrinkles during sleeping.

This pillow is medium-firm and has a firmness level of 8 (1-10, 10 being very firm). This pillow is unlike any other. It combines a Neck Support Pillow and a Head Cradle Pillow in One, meaning you have 2 types of pillows for one purchase.
  • The Neck Support Pillow gives your neck strong support and decompresses the cervical discs
  • The Head Cradle Pillow gives your head a soft and comfortable rest. This Ergonomic design will alleviate pressure from stress points and eliminates neck, back, and shoulder pain.
  • On top of that, this pillow will uniquely match the shape of your head and neck, making sure you get tailored support that lasts throughout the night and get a good night’s sleep.

Great Balance of Support and Comfort:

If chronic tension, strain, pain in your neck and shoulder region are something you wake up with every morning, this pillow could be the answer you were looking for. It has 2 different firmness for different demands that will reduce pressure on all the key stress points and ensure proper spinal alignment, resulting in fully relaxed muscles and pain-free sleep.

Doctor-Recommended Orthopedic Pillow:

The firm Neck Support Pillow can help you restore the "C" angle of your cervical vertebra. The contoured cradle pillow area provides a custom fit and aligns your head and neck in a way that leaves your airways open. That helps to have a quieter sleeping environment and helps the body get the breathing that it needs to rejuvenate overnight.

High-Quality 5s Slow-Rebound Memory Foam:

It is made from memory foam, and will adapt to each individual body shape and weight for tailored support. The pillowcase is made of 82% anti-bacterial cotton. The machine-washable pillowcase is always kept clean. All materials are chemical-free and have no smell.

Best Care Gift Ever:

Purchasing the right pillow to eliminate neck pain is an essential step to improving one’s sleep. Please don’t hesitate to replace a tired, old pillow with a new one that’s actually able to give you support and instantly provide you with a sounder, less painful rest. This cervical pillow is also suitable for the elderly, officers, students, IT people, and those who have chronic cervical vertebra issues. A wonderful gift to keep healthy sleep for people who you care about!